Highlights from the Ballistic Barbed Wire Massacre match between J.D. Horror and Drake Younger at September 2 Remember -

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TV DATE AIRED: 08/22/12

This week, former Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champ “Gorgeous” Joey kAos (with Jezabel) takes on former APW Tag-Team Champ and WWE Tough Enough contestant A.J. Kirsch!
Plus, Championship Wrestling in our main event! The Tag-Team Title will be on the line as Sunami & Kadin Anthony—SU/KA—take on Greg Hernandez ‘&’ Jesse Jimenez—Dos Perfectos!



(Highlight Media), Christina Bearce and Jason Reed

Christopher “TAK” Clark

We Flash Photography

Joseph Duncan and Jason Reed

Christopher “TAK” Clark

Primo’s - California Is Coming!

Sunday, September 16, 2012 - Primo’s Hardcore & Wrestling presents: Slave to the Deathmatch III!

Featured on the card will be Former WWE & TNA Superstar and ECW hardcore legend Tommy Dreamer!

Primo's Hardcore & Wrestling presents: Slave to the Deathmatch III!

This third-annual Deathmatch-style tournament will be taking place in Sheridan, Colorado. So, what exactly does that have to do with Vendetta Pro Wrestling?

California is Coming!
Vendetta Pro Wrestling Training Academy graduates J.D. Horror Creepshow will be part of the event, as well as Pro Wrestling’s “Evil Genius” Titus Machiavelli.

For the latest information about the Slave to the Deathmatch tournament, go to www.primoswrestling.com. We plan on keeping our fans up-to-date as well, and we hope this is the start for bigger things for our Training Academy graduates.

For more information on the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Training Academy, click on the ‘SCHOOL' link up on the main menu. Perhaps we might see YOU as the next Vendetta Pro Wrestler or Vixen doing big things in the world of Professional Wrestling!

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Vendetta Pro Wrestling Training Academy graduate Sledge was originally scheduled to participate in the event, but it has since come to our attention that he will not be making the trip to Colorado.)

New Champion at Summertime Bruise 2012!

The full report from Summertime Bruise 2012 is now available.

As for the main event, here’s a small hint from our friends at We Flash Photography:

Chavo Guerrero, Jr - Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion

You can also check out the CHAOS COLUMN at SoCalUncensored.com for a full review of Summertime Bruise 2012!

2012 Mid-Year Awards

Vendetta Pro Wrestling picked up a number of 2012 Ringside with Packer Mid-Year awards, as well as Runners-Up in a number of categories.

Here are the winners:

2012 Ringside with Packer
Rookie of the Mid-Year

2012 Ringside with Packer
Tag-Team of the Mid-Year
Dos Perfectos
Greg Hernandez ‘y’ Jesse Jimenez

2012 Ringside with Packer
Event of the Mid-Year
Casino Royale 2012
4/16/12 Las Vegas, NV - Gold Coast Hotel & Casino


2012 Ringside with Packer
First Runner-Up: Most Hated of the Mid-Year
"Wrestling Personified"
Rik Luxury

2012 Ringside with Packer
First Runner-Up: Wrestler of the Mid-Year
"Wrestling Personified"
Rik Luxury

2012 Ringside with Packer
First Runner-Up: Promotion of the Mid-Year
Vendetta Pro Wrestling

Dos Perfectos repeated, as they were the 2011 Ringside Tag-Team of the Year. They edged out The Kings of Wrestling from Ring of Honor.

Also, our friends at All Pro Wrestling had a Runner Up selection for Most Popular of the Mid-Year, as APW’s Will Rood tied with the AIWF’s Chief Attakullakulla for First Runner-Up for Ringside Most Popular of the Mid-Year.

Vendetta Pro Wrestling would like to thank the Ringside with Packer program for helping to get our name out on a national level. For more information, and to listen to Ringside with Packer, go to www.ringsidewithpacker.com.

These were the Ringside Mid-Year awards, and Vendetta Pro Wrestling will be submitting nominations for the Ringside with Packer 2012 Year-End Awards, as we will be looking to improve on our position and repeat as Promotion of the Year. We will be submitting our award winners and runner-ups for the year-end awards in their respective categories. Check out our Facebook group for more information on when nominations for the Ringside Year-End awards begin, as fans may also submit nominations! Make sure your favorite Vendetta Pro Wrestler or Vixen is nominated!

Wrestling With Life

Our friends at Highlight Media are producing a documentary about the real-life struggles and triumphs of independent wrestlers on the Central Coast of California. This is a unique and ambitious project, and it is one in which you can help.

Wrestling With Life

The filmmakers seek to explore the psychological dynamics of independent wrestlers, including what drives them to participate in the sport, how they balance their “9 to 5” lives with their wrestling careers and how they define “success” in the industry. The documentary also seeks to portray how family oriented the Independent Wrestling Circuit often is (both in terms of the participants themselves and the surrogate family that often arises with colleagues in the business) as well as the socioeconomically diverse fan base that continues to come out to support the sport.

While there have been some previous documentaries discussing independent professional wrestling on the East Coast independent circuits, none have adequately explored the complex “real lives” of these professional athletes to any great degree. Particularly in the dynamic and competitive independent circuit on the West Coast of the U.S., many wrestlers may devote their entire lives to becoming successful as wrestlers often at the expensive of making sacrifices concerning their family, health and financial status.

Likewise, despite their exhibitionism in the ring, many wrestlers are very private people who are hesitant to share their personal lives with fans. Luckily, the filmmakers have secured participants who are willing to be “open books” for the project, providing the filmmakers with a “bird’s eye view” on their day-to-day struggles and triumphs.

The feature-length documentary is estimated to be approximately 75 minutes in length. It will be made available in DVD, Blu-Ray disc (and possibly at a later time, hi-definition digital download) formats and will also contain “behind the scenes” footage from the production of the film and interviews with fans. The documentary will be submitted to numerous film festivals. A world premiere screening is anticipated to take place in December of 2012 (specific day/time to be determined) at a location in San Luis Obispo or Northern Santa Barbara counties on the Central Coast of California. Further public screenings in other counties are also anticipated to occur. Additionally, a website (www.wrestlingwithlife.net), Facebook page (www.facebook.com/wrestlingwithlife) and Twitter account will be created to share information and increase awareness about the documentary. The filmmakers ultimate goal is to create an award-winning documentary that will eventually be made available online for digital viewing through Netflix, Hulu, etc., thus ensuring the widest possible audience. This is your chance to help make that dream a reality!

In order to carry out the documentary project, Vendetta Pro Wrestling and Highlight Media need your help. A 30-day Kickstarter fundraising page has been created for the filmmakers to raise the necessary funds to cover equipment and production costs. A wide range of suggested donation options are available, each with its own unique and exciting benefits. Some of these benefits include receiving a limited edition, signed DVD or Blu-Ray copy of the documentary when it’s completed, a complimentary VIP pass to the world premier screening of the documentary (anticipated to take place in December of 2012), as well as opportunities to be personally featured in “behind the scenes” bonus video content of the film. The documentary will only be carried out if funds can be raised by August 6th so please “dig deep” and get the word out so that Vendetta and its loyal fans finally get the increased visibility and recognition we deserve!

For more information, as well as to contribute financially, please visit

Vendetta Pro makes television debut

On July 4th at 11pm, Comcast 25 in the California Central Coast area witnessed the television debut of Vendetta Pro Wrestling.
This first episode began with a plug from Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, and featured the Championship match from Terror Rising 2011, as then-Champion Shannon Ballard defended the Heavyweight title against Chavo Guerrero Jr, as well as additional in-ring action.

Watch the debut episode right here, or at youtube.com/vendettaprowrestling. Joseph Duncan and J. Lloyd Reed have the call:

Vendetta Pro Wrestling TV will be on Comcast 25.
Santa Maria will air the program three times a week: Wednesdays at 11pm, Thursday at 7pm (airing before TNA Impact Wrestling), and Fridays at 5pm.
Lompoc will air the program a whopping FIVE times a week: 11 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and on Thursdays at 7pm (airing before TNA Impact Wrestling).

Vendetta Pro Wrestling TV will also be featured on Charter in San Luis Obispo County. Check your local listings.

If you’re not in our viewing areas, Vendetta Pro Wrestling TV will also be available worldwide at youtube.com/vendettaprowrestling.

You never know what will happen on Vendetta Pro Radio

Since returning to the Internet, Vendetta Pro Radio has featured big stars and surprises. Just two weeks ago, we talked to J.D. Horror about his upcoming match at Summer Sizzle 2012, when former ECW and NWA World Heavyweight Champ Raven made a surprise appearance.

The July 3rd, 2012 edition of Vendetta Pro Radio on Blog Talk Radio was set to feature “Trending Worldwide” Joey Ryan as the Special Guest Host, and his special guest was to be former TNA Impact Wrestling superstar Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks (Generation Me).

Joey Ryan on Vendetta Pro Radio
Moments before we were to go on the air live, Vendetta Pro Wrestling looked to promote the episode by posting on Twitter. What came out of that was a surprise as TNA Impact Wrestling commentator and former ECW & WWE Superstar Taz wanting to call in and have a talk with Joey Ryan about his recent appearances on TNA’s Gut Check.

A few technical and logistical issues made the opening of the show problematic, but things soon got going in a major way as Joey Ryan and Taz went back-and-forth until we were literally forced to end it with the show going off the air at the 45:05 mark, and we get the feeling that the conversation could have went much, much longer.

Check out this edition of Vendetta Pro Radio by putting the cursor over the Media link, then click “Vendetta Pro Radio” on the sub-menu. You can go to Blog Talk Radio and check out this episode at:


Joey Ryan will be in action for Vendetta Pro, taking on Chavo Guerrero Jr. for the vacant Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship on July 28th in Lompoc, California at Summertime Bruise 2012! Never lacking in confidence, perhaps this conversation will only serve as further motivation for Joey Ryan as he gets ready for this big match! Tickets available now!

Be sure to check out TNA Impact Wrestling on Spike, Thursdays at 8pm/7pm Central, or at:

Follow Joey Ryan on Twitter at twitter.com/JoeyRyanOnline. Follow Taz on Twitter at twitter.com/OfficialTAZ. Follow Vendetta Pro on Twitter at twitter.com/VendettaPro.

Celebrate your birthday with Vendetta Pro!

On June 2nd, Jason celebrated his birthday party with Vendetta Pro Wrestling. He and his family were treated to an afternoon of fun and excitement the way only Vendetta Pro Wrestling can bring it, including an added match for the All Pro Wrestling/Vendetta Pro Wrestling Unified Tag-Team titles!

Birthday Party
 Check out more pictures of from his birthday party by clicking here. If you’re interested in setting up your own party with Vendetta Pro Wrestling, please send us an e-mail to parties@vendettaprowrestling.com